How to glue plastic with cyanoacrylate and bicarbonate

Espolvoreamos el bicarbonato

How to glue plastic?. With this method you can do it quickly, effectively and economically.

It is common to find damaged resin case watches, broken bezels or cracked resin straps.

  1. Materials required
  2. Plastic bonding method
  3. Example of gluing
  4. If you like the Casio G-2900

Materials required

  • Cyanoacrylate glue
  • Bicarbonate

Plastic bonding method

The method is very simple, we will normally glue the case handle, the bevel parts or the strap parts.

Keeping the two pieces together, we apply a little glue around the breaking point. And then we pour the bicarbonate over the glue at the junction point. Within a couple of seconds, the glue reacts, forming a very hard, whitish paste that dries instantly. As soon as the paste is formed, we can manipulate the glueing area with our fingers without the risk of getting stuck.

Then we must sand to reduce the paste and give it the required shape for the two glued pieces. If it is an element that is in sight, we can paint over the resulting paste. If it is a place that is not too visible, we can paint it with a permanent marker to further conceal the union.

With a practical video you can see better the method


Example of gluing

In this case, this Casio G-2900 had a broken box handle. With the bezel on, nothing could be noticed, since the screw that fixes the bezel on the case kept the parts together.

We started by applying the cyanoacrylate glue on the parts to be joined and around the break point. We made sure the pieces were in the right position.

Aplicamos el pegamento de cianocrilato sobre las piezas a pegar.
We apply a bead of glue in the area of the break

And we apply the bicarbonate on the glue, after a couple of seconds, the glue reacts and it is perfectly stuck. Then we must sand the union to give a fine finish to the work.

Espolvoreamos el bicarbonato sobre el pegamento.
We sprinkle the bicarbonate over the glue, in a couple of seconds it's stuck

You can also check the restoration of the Casio DW-7300, where I used this method to fix the battery holder.

If you like the Casio G-2900

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