Citizen BN0150-10E Promaster Diver

Citizen BN0150

The Citizen BN0150-10E is a 200m diver with a solar-charged Eco-drive movement. With an aesthetic that partially reminds us of its little brother, the Citizen NY0040 automatic.

There are three models with different nomenclature, depending on the color of the watch dial and the strap material included.

  1. Features
    1. Case and bezel
    2. Glass
    3. Crown
    4. Hands and dial
    5. Lumen
    6. Movement
    7. Strap
  2. Conclusions
    1. Positive aspects
    2. Areas for improvement
  3. Manual
  4. Purchase recommendations
  5. Comparison
  6. Picture gallery


It is an ISO 6425 Water Resistant 200m certified watch. This certificate performs a series of tests to check that it meets the standards and characteristics of diving watches.

Case and bezel

The box is shaped like a cone trunk and is made of 316L steel. As you can see in the picture below, we can see how it narrows as it grows in height, from 44mm at the bottom to 42mm at the top of the bezel. This makes it easier for the wrist to feel smaller than it really is.

Citizen BN0150 - Forma de la caja
Citizen BN0150 - Detail of the shape of the watch case

The bezel reminds us of the shape of Citizen NY0040, with some notches on its edge to facilitate its grip when turning it. The full rotation of the bezel is unidirectional with 60 clicks; with a smooth and firm movement and without any kind of gap between the bezel and the case.

Citizen BN0151 - Detalle del bisel
Citizen BN0151 - Detail of the bevel notches


The glass is mineral, but includes an anti-reflective treatment. Although, it would be perfect to wear a sapphire crystal, it is understandable in this price range and the high quality of the rest of the watch parts.


One of the peculiar characteristics of this watch is the position of the crown at 4 o'clock, instead of being placed at 3 o'clock as usual in watches. This position makes it very comfortable to wear and makes it easier to avoid the crown on the back of the hand when bending the wrist.

Citizen BN0150- Detalle de la corona
Citizen BN0150 - Crown detail

In addition, the crown is threaded and protected from possible knocks by a crown guard

Citizen BN0150 - Corona
Citizen BN0150 - Crown detail

Hands and dial

The dial as in most diver is very clean and clear. The time indexes are applied (with a metallic edge), which gives the watch a very high quality appearance.

Citizen BN0150 - Indices aplicados
Citizen BN01510- Details of the applied indexes

At the top we find the logo of the brand, with its characteristic typography. In the lower part, the legend "Eco-drive" is silk-screened, indicating the solar charge of the watch and "Diver's 200m" showing the ISO6425 certification for diving up to 200m that the watch displays.

The minute hand with an orange-colored border, which stands out from the color of the dial, is another feature of this Citizen BN0150.


The lumen applied to both the hour indexes and the hands is a characteristic blue colour as in other Citizen models. It is a powerful and long-lasting lumen, although with a slightly shorter duration than the Seiko SKX007.

Citizen BN0150 - Lumen indices y agujas
Citizen BN0150 - Index lumen and hands

A curiosity is the color, the lumen of the needles and hour indexes is blue, while the lumen of the bezel insert is green. A combination of colors that highlights even more the quality of this watch.


The movement is an Eco-drive E168 movement. It includes a battery that charges with natural sunlight as well as artificial light, allowing you to have a 6-month autonomy in complete darkness without the watch stopping.

In addition, the E168 movement has a low battery warning system, consisting of the second hand starting to move from 2 to 2 seconds.


The metal armis stands out for its high quality with solid links, solid endlinks, safety lock and diving extension.

The endlinks (which are the links of the metal strap that are attached to the case) are solid instead of bent sheet metal as they have other divers, preventing them from becoming dislodged with use, producing a metallic tinkle when the watch is moved on the wrist.

Citizen BN0150 - Endlinks solidos del armis
Citizen BN0150 - Detail of the solid endlinks of the armis

It includes a safety lock, so to open or close the armis, the lock must be released to do so.

Citizen BN0150 - Cierre de seguridad del armis
Citizen BN0150 - Detail of the armis' safety lock

The diving extension, allows a more precise adjustment to our wrist. By means of two lateral sliding buttons on the clasp we can adjust the opening of the armis

Citizen BN0150 - Extension de buceo
Citizen BN0150 - Detail of the armis diving extension

Both the armis and the rubber strap have a width of 20mm, making it easy to change models easily and without complications as this is a standard size and we have a multitude of alternatives available.


Below, as a summary, I will show the aspects that I liked the most about this watch and the ones that I liked the least.

Positive aspects

  • It is very comfortable to use. Thanks to the shape of its box and the claws, it fits very well on small wrists.
  • It is a robust watch with a quality that is far superior to its price. Details like the armis with the solid endlinks, applied indexes and its long lasting charge with the eco-drive system that allows us to forget about changing batteries for years.
  • Thanks to the shape of the case, narrowing in height, it makes the watch appear smaller than it really is.
  • The lumen is quite intense and long-lasting. It may not reach the brightness level of the Seiko SKX007, for example, but it is very remarkable.
  • The eco-drive movement allows us to forget about changing the battery for a few years.
  • The quality of the armis is outstanding. A solid link armis, very well machined, with a safety lock and a diving fit for a better adaptation to our wrist.

Areas for improvement

  • The date window is too small, if it were a couple of millimetres wider, it would be much easier to read. If we suffer from presbyopia, we may have trouble reading the date.


A simple way to learn more about the operation of this Citizen BN0150 is to look at its user manual. If you want to know more about this model, functions and operation mode, you can download the e168 module manual from the Citizen website.

Purchase recommendations

Sincerely, it is a magnificent sundial, your purchase is strongly recommended. A classic and elegant design, along with its solar charging system, make it a perfect watch to be used as a battle clock in everyday life.

We recommend, if our economy allows it, the purchase of the model Citizen BN0150-61E, which includes the metallic armis. The reason is that buying the Citizen BN0150-61E is cheaper than buying later the Citizen BN0150-61E or Citizen BN0151-17L and then buying the armis.




Below, you can compare this Citizen BN0150 with other similar watch models:


Below you have a gallery of images so you can decide better which model to buy 😉

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