Casio W-780: button cleaning

Casio W-780: button cleaning 1


This Casio W-780 I saw on a second-hand portal. The truth is that it had a very good price and a seemingly good condition for its age. As we can see in this great article from Guti's blog about the Casio W-780 with much more information, this model is approximately 33 years old.

The truth is that as you can see below, he is in an exceptional state considering his age. The only noteworthy aspect is the buttons, which are quite hard and difficult to press, probably because of the dirt accumulated in them.

Casio W-780 - Estado inicial del reloj
Casio W-780 - nitial state of the clock

So let's get to work. The first thing is to open the watch and check the state of the seal. Maybe I'll be lucky and won't need to change it, since in principle you've earned your retirement and I don't plan on wetting the clock.

I will also check the condition of the battery. I will have to take the movement out of the case so that I can access the buttons, clean them and grease them to make them work better.

We proceed to open the clock. The truth is that having the steel case, it's a great thing not to have to be too careful with the screws. Although they were a little hard, we should be careful because we can "mark" even more the head of them and be the beginning of problems in future battery changes.

Casio W-780 - Tapa trasera
Casio W-780 - Back cover

We can see dirt or rust marks when we remove the back cover. I'll try to clean it as much as possible.

Casio W-780 - Modulo del reloj
Casio W-780 - Watch module

The rear gasket needs to be changed, but as it is not the typical round gasket, I will have to find and change it later. I'll grease this gasket and leave it until I buy a new one.

As the main problem is the hardness of the buttons, I will have to remove the module from the watch case to be able to access the circlips to release them and clean internally and grease the buttons. I have detailed the process of removing, cleaning and reassembling the buttons in this guide.

You have to be careful when manipulating the movement of the watch and there is a spring on top of it. This spring is what makes it possible for the alarm to sound, and it is quite easy to lose it, so the first thing we do is to remove it and put it away to avoid losing it.

Then, we proceed to remove the plastic gown that fixes the module in its correct position on the watch case. Then we remove the module.

Casio W-780 - Detalles de los botones
Casio W-780 - Button details

Basically, the process for extracting the buttons is as follows. First, we turn the circlip until it leaves the opening upwards. Once in this position, with a flat screwdriver, we push the circlip down until it releases from the button's shaft.

In this model, we must pay attention when we extract the buttons, because we have all the components: button, spring, washer, 2 gaskets and the circlip. Normally, when you remove the buttons, there is a gasket inside the box, so you must pay attention to this.

Casio W-780 - Botones y juntas
Casio W-780 - Buttons and seals

Once all the buttons are removed, we can proceed to clean the box. To avoid problems with the screen printing, we will clean the outside of the box with alcohol. And the button holes. To clean the holes easily, we can use an interdental brush, which fits perfectly through the holes of the button box.

Casio W-780 - Caja antes de la limpieza
Casio W-780 - Box before cleaning

Unfortunately, those box marks weren't completely dirty. After cleaning the box, I noticed that it was not possible to clean it completely. In those parts it looked like some liquid had attacked the metal. It looks unattractive, although it doesn't affect it at all.

Then we started to clean the buttons. With a small container and soap and water, we cleaned the button, spring, washer and the seals. Once the components are assembled on the button, we proceed to apply a little silicone grease in the holes of the case and on the joints and spring.

Casio W-780 - Botón limpio y engrasado
Casio W-780 - Clean and greased button

Once the buttons are cleaned and greased, we have to mount them back on the box. The procedure is simple: insert the buttons into the box, place the circlip with the opening facing downwards and press down with the screwdriver until you hear a click. This will place the button on the watch case.

Casio W-780 - Montaje de los botones
Casio W-780 - Button assembly

Sorry about the quality of the photo, but it's hard to hold the box and the camera at the same time.

Casio W-780 - Botones montados en la caja
Casio W-780 - Box-mounted buttons

Once the buttons are mounted on the box, we check their operation. Basically, it is a matter of checking that when the button is pressed, they return to their initial position without delay. Of course, as they are clean and greased, they all work perfectly.

Now I'm going to check the battery. In principle it is well charged, but I plan to change it for another of a quality brand. Unfortunately I do not have cr2016, so something else to buy and the day I receive the new seal I take advantage and change both things.

We mount the module inside the box, and put back the sound spring. It is important, because if not, the piezoelectric speaker in the back cover will not work and the sound of the clock will not work.

Then we apply silicone grease to the watch's gasket. This watch, due to its age, is going to be "retired", so I will not wet it, at least until I change the back gasket.

Casio W-780 - Modulo montado en la caja y junta engrasada
Casio W-780 - Module mounted in the box and greased joint

In the end, the watch has been left with the buttons working perfectly without any problems. And important detail, with all its functions smoothly, including the sound.

The model is a classic, a type of watch that unfortunately Casio no longer makes. A module with many functions and solid steel case. Hopefully soon Casio will be encouraged to make a reissue, it would be a bestseller.

Casio W-780 - Estado final del reloj
Casio W-780 - Final status of the clock

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