Casio PAW-1300T with partially broken case

Casio PAW-1300

In this article we will see how to recover a Casio Protrek PAW-1300 with a broken case lug and a damaged battery by using green stuff to restore it.

This model of Casio belongs to the Protrek range, which is characterized by including several sensors, in this case barometric pressure sensor, height and compass.

I located it in a second hand portal, and because it had the lug that joins the strap to the partially broken case and the damaged accumulator, it had a ridiculous price.

  1. Watch reception
  2. Watch opening
  3. Repairing the clock handle
  4. Green stuff

Watch reception

As always, a few days after buying it, I received the watch at home. The first thing I like to do is an external and internal evaluation of the possible problems with the watch.

At first, I had two very clear problems, the top lug of the watch was partially broken, so the strap pin came out and it was not possible to use the watch normally.

In addition, as you will see later, the battery was damaged, as the watch was off and not charging properly. Even if I left it exposed to indirect sunlight for several days, it never picked up a charge. Then we will see the cause, since it has a very simple explanation.

Watch opening

I then proceeded to open the watch case, to check the state of the gaskets, sound spring and module.

Casio PAW1300T - Back cover detail
Casio PAW1300T - Back cover detail

The seal was correct, apparently without damage, the battery... What a battery! It had no battery!

Instead of an accumulator, it had been replaced by a CR1616 battery which was exhausted, so it was logical that it did not charge.

Casio PAW1300T - Pila cr1616
Casio PAW1300T - Battery cr1616

And the module, did not present any damage. Taking advantage of a ctl1616 battery that I had as a spare, I proceed to place it again and make the obligatory "reset", joining with the ends of the clamps the AC point with the (-) marked in the module.

Casio PAW1300T - Reset después de colocar el acumulador
Casio PAW1300T - Reset after inserting the battery

Repairing the clock handle

Once the watch is started, I leave it charging while I think about the approach to fix the handle of the watch and leave it functional.

Unfortunately I have almost no pictures of this process, I focus on the problem and I forgot to take a picture of the handle before the process.

In cases where the breakage is small and some material is missing from the case, I like to repair the watches with Nural 92. It is a glue for the repair of plastics that also allows us to fill or regenerate small missing parts of the watch case.

The problem is that in this case there was quite a lot of material missing, so I should "fill in" the shape of the handle, because almost half of it was missing. In these cases I like to use the "green stuff"

Green stuff

The green stuff is a two component epoxy stuff used in miniatures. It dries at room temperature, allowing it to mould and harden after 24 hours. Moreover, once dry it can be painted without problems.

It should be noted that the fixing system on the belt handle of the Casio PAW-1300 has a hole in the central handle to be able to insert the pin.

Taking the other handle of the watch as a guide to give it the shape as similar as possible to the green stuff, we are going to mold it. I start with a piece of green stuff and with my hands wet in water to prevent it from sticking, I am shaping until completing the shape of the handle.

Casio PAW1300T - Masilla verde para restaurar el asa
Casio PAW1300T - Green stuff to restore the lug

As I said before, with a pin wet in water so that the stuff does not stick, I make the hole in the stuff to be able to place the pin later without problems.

To prevent the hole in the pin from deforming (the stuff takes a day to harden) so any slight blow can deform it. I leave the pin "placed" inside the handle while it dries to maintain the shape of the handle.

A last detail is to smooth the mass as much as possible with wet fingers to make the repair more "aesthetic".

Casio PAW1300T - Restaurando el asa de la caja
Casio PAW1300T - Restoring the lug handle

As you can see, crafts aren't my thing, it's not perfect, but I think it will hold, for what it's worth.

Obviously, we waited 24 hours and once it is hardened we must give the last touch. In order to hide the repair as much as possible, I paint the stuff black.

In this case, in order not to complicate the repair, I paint over the stuff with a black permanent marker to hide the green color. I think that aesthetically it has not been bad, especially because with the black color of the strap it hides a lot the repaired handle.

Casio PAW-1300T - Asa pintada
Casio PAW-1300T - Asa pintada
Casio PAW-1300T - Asa pintada
Casio PAW-1300T - Asa pintada

Live is more dismulated the arrangement.

I have been using it for months and I have not had any problem, apart from having to repaint from time to time by some part of the handle that with the rubbing goes the black color and begins to look green.

Finally, I apologize to real masters of modeling and fans of miniatures, my skill is not for more 😉
At first the repair seemed a complicated matter, that's what the seller must have thought, because it was really a bidding of the sale price.

I think that a quite common problem in the resin casio is the breakage of handles or the wear of the hole of the handle where the pin is inserted. If we don't have the piece of the break is small, we can use Nural 92 to fill it.

In the last case, if as here the breakage and lack of material is bigger, with green stuff we can repair it in a simple way. Also, in this case, due to the shape of the clock handle (central handle) complicated the matter a little more.

But fortunately with a little patience it can be repaired in a simple way. It is not comparable to a professional repair, but I think it is quite decent.

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