Boldr Venture: second hand does not match the hourly rates

Boldr Venture: second hand does not match the hourly rates 1

In this article we will see how to center the second hand of a Boldr Venture that did not coincide with the dial indexes, always pointing to the space between two of them.


    Boldr Venture

    The Venture model of the  Boldr brand is a quartz watch with some very interesting features:

    • Size contained in 38mm diameter 
    • Titanium case, which makes the watch look like you're not wearing it It only weighs 28 grams. Not light, next.
    • ETA 802.102 quartz movement
    • 36 months battery life
    • Includes a nato with titanium buckles
    • Sapphire glass

    As we can see, within its small size, it hides great characteristics that make it a very interesting watch. The titanium case and sapphire crystal together with a quality quartz movement make this watch a real all-rounder ready to withstand shocks and hard life.

    Its light weight of only 28 grams, (a little more than a casio F91) and its 4h crown, make wearing this watch a real delight for your comfort. The closest thing to not wearing a watch.

    Watchmaking Hobbies

    A few weeks ago I noticed that the second hand did not coincide 100% with the second hand of the day, it was always halfway between two indices. This is a minor detail... or not.

    In my case, no, it's something that annoys me a lot in an analog watch and every time I looked at the time, I noticed the second hand halfway between two indexes. Since the minute hand seemed a little crooked, I encouraged myself to open it so I could fix both.

    And this is the process...

    Aligning the second hand

    In the following picture you can see (badly, I know, but I couldn't get it out better) that the minute hand is a bit crooked and doesn't run parallel to the plane of the dial.

    Boldr Venture - Segundera descentrada
    Boldr Venture - Second off-center

    The main problem was still the second needle, the minute hand is very simple and in a couple of seconds it would be fixed.

    The first thing is to open the watch case with the jaxa key. Being careful that it doesn't escape and scratch the back cover.

    Once the back cover is removed, we check that the movement is an ETA 802.102. The next step will be to remove the back gasket (since we will hydrate it with silicone grease later).

    In order to remove the stem and the crown, we will have to press in an indentation of the module located in the end of the seat post and marked with an arrow.

    Boldr Venture - Junta trasera quitada
    Boldr Venture - Rear seal removed

    We remove the seat stem and crown assembly, and the plastic gown. Now we can take the module out of the watch case to access the hands.

    In this picture you can see how the end of the yellow second hand always points to the space between two second markers. It is ugly, and at least in my case, it is something that once I realize it, I notice it a lot.

    Boldr Venture - Aguja segundera descentrada
    Boldr Venture - Off-center second hand

    The first thing to do is to pull out the needle with the needle extractor or tweezers, being careful not to mark the dial. It is better to protect it with a piece of paper or plastic.

    Once the second one has been removed, I take advantage of it to fit the minute hand correctly into the barrel and make sure it is parallel to the dial.

    When we have adjusted it, we will proceed to place the second hand in its correct position. It is a simple operation, but it is possible that it takes more than one attempt until it is perfectly adjusted.

    Boldr Venture - Aguja segundera quitada
    Boldr Venture - Secondary hand removed

    With both hands correctly aligned, we proceed to reassemble the watch. We blow with the pear on the dial and the inside of the glass to remove any dust particles that may have accumulated while performing the operation.

    Next, we place the module inside the watch case and put the plastic gown that secures it inside the watch case.

    Boldr Venture - Montaje de la bata plastica
    Boldr Venture - Assembly of the plastic gown

    We then lubricate both the crown gasket and the back gasket of the watch cover with silicone grease. This will protect both from external elements and wear.

    Boldr Venture - Engrasado junta trasera
    Boldr Venture - Greased rear joint

    Finally, the only thing left to do is to close the watch case, making sure that the gasket is well placed and does not move when the back cover is tightened. Likewise we will tighten it carefully so that it does not escape and we can scratch the back of the watch.

    As you can see in the next picture, now it is nice to see the second hand, pointing correctly to their indexes.

    This is something else... ;D

    Boldr Venture - Aguja segundera ajustada
    Boldr Venture - Adjusted second needle

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